ANCHORAGE, Alaska - The nerd paradise summer season kicks off in May with the much anticipated Marvel comics’ movie “The Avengers” on May 4th, and several other movies are ramping promotions with additional trailers in the past few days.

Director Christopher Nolan’s third and final trailer for his third and final Batman movie “The Dark Knight Rises” went viral with a Monday evening Youtube premier. As of Tuesday morning, the trailer picked up over a half-million views.

The movie will be released on July 20 and the movie’s official website had a few extras including a Batman wanted poster.

Sci-fi fans got another dose of aliens thanks to word-of-mouth on the internet with the international trailer for director Ridley Scott’s “Prometheus.” It’s a return to the genre, Scott made famous decades ago with “Blade Runner” and “Alien.”

The trailer has gathered nearly 900,000 views since its Sunday launch and the movie will open in theaters on June 8.